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Is A-Level Maths a lot harder than GCSE Maths?

Is A-Level Maths a lot harder than GCSE Maths?

The short answer is YES!

However, don't let this dishearten you. Maths is one of the most important A-levels you can possess and opens up so many opportunities later in life. Personally, I found A-level maths to be a struggle but I made sure I put in the work outside of college and luckily got a B. I was never confident in my mathematical ability until after my first year of university (BEng Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering), mostly due to actually applying and understanding the mathematical tools taught at A-level. Differentiation, integration and complex numbers are very powerful tools in the real world.

Being able to to do a STEM degree will set you up with so many opportunities. Contrary to popular student belief, very rarely do people go into work related to their degree (a history of art student doesn't necessarily become an art historian, a law student seldom becomes a lawyer). This isn't a bad thing, the purpose of university is to give you the tools for later life.

As a recent graduate working for a tech startup I can confirm that A-level maths lead me to study a STEM subject which has allowed me to flirt with a greater variety of career prospects compared to a non-numerical degree.

A high level of numeracy goes hand in hand with the analytical, technical and quantitative skills demanded by a majority of jobs. Everything in life requires a certain level of numeracy, and companies much prefer candidates with proven mathematical ability.

To put new students minds to rest, we at Markit have designed a 'Bridging the Gap' worksheet to help students heading into a-levels answer questions about their own abilities. The worksheet is also a handy resource for teachers looking for a time efficient way to test students abilities.

If you're wondering if A-level maths is for you, check out the Markit website:

Maths is one of the most challenging subjects, but it can also be the most rewarding. Markit is breaking down the barriers to success in mathematics by giving students helpful and relevant feedback whilst as they answer a question.

“The only way to learn mathematics is

to do mathematics."

Paul Halmos

(1916-2006; Hungarian-born mathematician)



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