How to choose the best online resources for your child

'Educate' originates from the greek word for Midwifery - just as a midwife would help 'draw out' a baby from a mother, education is intended to be the art of drawing out insights from someone.

Contrary to the origin of 'educate', we typically think of education as imparting or adding knowledge but should we be thinking instead of drawing knowledge or insights out of children as they discover the world for themselves? If they discover for themselves, retention is increased as they can understand 'why' something is so.

5 Teacher Tips to Enjoy Christmas


The longest and toughest term is over! You've enjoyed the ups and dealt with the downs for a lengthy time period now. It's tough to fully switch off though, your inner-teacher is still working. Here are five reminders to temporarily turn the volume of said inner-teacher down and really enjoy your Christmas break

6 ways to help your child revise over Christmas

Children across the country are breaking up from school this week with the prospect of mock exams after christmas. The excitement of Christmas is mixed with apprehension about having to revise. How do you as a parent set your child up to both enjoy their christmas holiday and be well prepared for mock exams?

Is your child struggling with low self confidence?

As a tutor, the most common way I have helped child is in boosting confidence, not teaching content.

92% of my 125 students said the biggest barrier to their learning was low self confidence

From a student's perspective, low confidence clouds your mind whilst learning, keeps you silent in participation and creates unbearable nerves in any test environment; the belief will self perpetuate unless it is interrupted.

Physics: Teaching through Confusion

We as physics teachers have to battle a long living stigma behind physics. Forever are we tackling the gender divide in students of this subject (five male students to every female student at A-Level); the perception of it's difficulty and vision of the 'physics student' stereotype. In order to do this however, a level of confidence in our own teaching ability is required. But how many of us really have this?